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Vision North Iowa is a newly formed initiative to create a multi-jurisdictional strategy for regional economic growth and prosperity. Austin and Seattle-based TIP Strategies has been engaged to guide the project. The North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Mason City Chamber of Commerce, Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and several community partners are collaborating in the effort.

The resulting plan will identify a diverse set of recommendations to strategically bolster entrepreneurship and innovation in the area, position North Iowa among target industry decision-makers, support future growth sectors through effective workforce development initiatives, and enhance quality of place. The initiatives will balance the need to expand and diversify the region’s industrial and employment base with the needs and interests of existing businesses and the local workforce.

The strategies will be formulated with the goal of developing successful people, businesses, and cultural initiatives by creating new jobs and opportunities, while building upon the North Iowa region’s existing priorities, unique asset base and past successes. The plan will be supported by an implementation strategy that will outline the tools needed to effectively execute on the recommendations.

TIP Strategies has over 20 years of experience in economic development strategic planning, spanning over 300 engagements in 38 states and 4 countries. For more information, please visit


As part of the planning process, the project partnership is seeking the input of key stakeholders that play important direct and indirect roles in the economic health of the North Iowa region. Click here to participate in the survey.


For more information, please contact:

Chad Schreck, President & CEO
North Iowa Corridor EDC


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