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From the outset of the Vision North Iowa strategic planning project, a top priority of the steering committee has been alignment of resources and clarity regarding the purpose of the collective effort. The project’s purpose has been articulated in a variety of ways, with one common underlying theme: unified, collaborative economic development for the benefit of all people in North Iowa.

The Vision North Iowa value-driven purpose statement has been formally set as this statement.

Vision North Iowa: Working together to improve the lives of all North Iowans.


This purpose statement will be used at the beginning of all presentation materials and documents to quickly and clearly communicate to people within the North Iowa region, state, and nation why Vision North Iowa exists. This statement captures the essence of why this planning effort began, how the planning effort is being executed, and who the plan is intended to serve. The purpose statement is an ongoing reminder to all involved why this work is so important to the future of North Iowa.

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